Sp Stirrer – Effluent Pond Stirrer

Sp stirrer - effluent pond

    There are many ‘effluent pond stirrers’ in todays market but most fail to stir a pond with ease and only stir the top of the pond leaving high quality nutrient dense effluent sitting on the base of the pond.  This is where Pumpn’s effluent stirrer stands ahead of the rest and without a doubt produces the best results.  Pumpn’s rugged, durable and powerful Sp Stirrer stirs the base of the effluent pond to effortlessly turn a hard crusted pond into liquid ready to be dispersed as fertiliser.  Designed to suit every farmers needs the Sp Stirrer is available as PTO, hydraulic, electric and available with a rubber flexi foot to protect lined effluent ponds.
  • Simple structure shore position for ease and safety of servicing
  • 180 degree pivot, 45 degree tilt with easy access from shore
  • No submerged bearings in abrasive fluids, heavy nylon used in place of running bearings.
  • No gearbox, in place a set of pulleys and vee belts are used, also as a fail protector in case of propeller becoming obstructed by objects.
  • 5, 7, 10 HP options available in 7.9 or 10.5 metre lengths.Sp stirrer - efflunet pond
  • Rubber flexi foot option to protect lined ponds
  • Electric, hydraulic or PTO options
  • Ability to handle dry running unlike submerged motor stirrers
  • Large rubber flexi foot option to protect rubber lined ponds.
  • High performance with eight years of proven operation
  • The three bladed unique prop with 400 RPM will outperform any submersible stirrers with equalivant horse power due to no gear box efficancy loss.
  • The 45 degree angle of the structure reaches into the pond floor and will sweep the base of the pond drawing the fluid and crusting from the top surface.


We operate two SP Stirrers on 90 day storage ponds and they have exceeded all our expectations

– John Neil – Harlaw Farms

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